Royal Destinations outside Europe : Higüey Dominican Republic

Every year on January 21st. thousands of Dominicans come together to celebrate
the feast of Our Lady of Altagracia.

In Higüey, a city in the east of the Dominican Republic there is a very modern basilica
to honor her.

Basilica of our Lady of Altagracia Higüey Dominican Republic

Some history and Royal connection

Juan de Esquivel conquered the isle Hispaniola for the Spanish Crown.
He was a founder of the city Higüey. The first Marian sanctuary in America (Higüey) was emblazoned with a Royal Shield of the Spanish King.

Inside view of the modern basilica - Own picture

In December 1970, the basilica recieved a visit from Pope Paul VI.

In 1992, Pope John Paul II visited the basilica.

The doors were very special as you can see on the pictures (taken in 2011).

The basilica was a bit too modern for me, although I liked its Royal connection.
It is a very important building on the Dominican Republic with a huge history
connected to the Spanish conquerors.
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