The Weekend Special - Queen Marie Antoinette of France - Madame Déficit

Beautiful clothes, jewelry, palaces and other buildings...
Queen Marie Antoinette had it all.

Queen Marie Antoinette - Source: Wikipedia

Such things costed a lot of money. Queen Marie Antoinette
received the nickname Madame Déficit.
Some buildings (palaces) for the queen:

1/ Petit Trianon

Versailles - Petit Trianon - Source picture: Wikipedia

The Petit Trianon was ordered by Louis XV for his mistress
Madame de Pompadour.

Louis XVI gave it to Marie Antoinette for her exclusive use and enjoyment.

2/ Queen's Hamlet or in French Hameau de la Reine

Farmhouse - Source picture: Wikipedia

This was a village in Versailles built around 1875.
The village contained a farmhouse, a mill and a tower in the form of a lighthouse.
Queen Marie Antoinette wanted to life as a peasant woman, far away from the

Since 1990's this is renovated and open for public.
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