The Weekend Special - Queen Marie Antoinette of France - Death

On the morning of July 14th. 1789, people stormed the Bastille.
The Bastille was a medieval fortress and prison in Paris.
The Storming of the Bastille marked
the start of the French Revolution.

Source picture: Wikipedia

King Louis XVI was informed by the Duke de la Rochefoucauld about this.
The King asked: is this a revolt?
The Duke answered: No, Sir, it is a revolution.

On October 6th. 1789, King Louis XVI and his family were forced
to leave Versailles.

They were kept under surveillance in the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

Tuileries Palace - Source: Wikipedia

In 1791, the Royal family tried to escape.
In Varennes they were arrested again.

On Januari 21st. 1793, Louis XVI of France was executed.
Marie Antoinette became Widow Capet.
The former Queen was plunged in a deep mourning after his death.

She was taken captive in the Conciergerie in Paris and was known
as prisoner no. 280.

Conciergerie Palace - Paris - Source: Wikipedia

During the reign of Terrors, Conciergerie was known as the
antichambre of the Guillotine.

On October 16th. 1793, Queen Marie Antoinette was killed by the Guillotine.
See my today in History of October 16th.

A few years ago, I had the chance to visit the Conciergerie. I couldn't stay there long. 
I found it very frightening in there, remembering this cruel history. 

The last words of Queen Marie Antoinette of France must have been:
'Pardon me Sir, I did not mean to do it'. 
She told that to a man whose foot she stepped on before she was
executed by the Guillotine.

With these last words, I'll end my Weekend Special.

I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all a nice
Sunday evening and a good start of the week!

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