Today in History - October 18th. 1663 - Prince Eugene of Savoy

On October 18th. 1663, Prince Eugene of Savoy was born in Hôtel de Soissons
in Paris (France) as son of Eugene Maurice, Count of Soissons, Count of Dreux and
Prince of Savoy and Olympia Mancini.

old painting of Hôtel de Soissons in Paris 

Prince Eugene of Savoy grew up at the French court.
Eugene applied by Louis XIV of France for a post in his army.
But the French King refused that (he was not good looking enough).

Prince Eugene of Savoy - Source picture: Wikipedia

Prince Eugene tried to find a service abroad.
He fled to Vienna. He recieved a post in the army of Leopold  I of Austria,
later he also served Joseph I and Charles VI. He became a succesfully military.
He also became patron of arts. He lived in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

Vienna Wien Austria Belvedere Palace

Own picture of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna 
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