Today in History - October 7th. 1776 - Royal wedding in Imperial Russia

In 1773 Princess Sophie of Württemberg was among a group of German
princesses considered as possible wives to the heir of the Russian Throne.

Empress Catherine II was delighted because the two women shared a
similar education and the same place of birth.

In Berlin the two 'met' each other. The next day Princess Sophie wrote
to a friend that she was madly in love. Crown Prince Paul of Russia was
happy too. He wrote: 'I found my intended to be such as I could dream of.'

Soon after arriving in St.Petersburg she converted to Orthodox faith.

On October 7th. 1776, Crown Prince Paul (Later Tsar Paul I) of Russia
married the beautiful Princess Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg, although
the festivities started already on September 26th.

Imperial monogram of Tsar Paul I of Russia. 

She took the name Maria Feodorovna

Source pictures: Wikipedia

They had 10 children. Among them the later Tsars:
Alexander I of Russia and Nicholas I of Russia.
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