Today in History - October 9th. 1514 - Royal Wedding Bells in France

On October 9th. 1514, Louis XII of France married Mary Tudor, sister of
Henry VIII of England. Louis XII was a member of the House of Valois.

Coat of Arms - Source: Wikipedia - Note the Fleur-de Lis (in English lily).

At the age of 6! Mary was given the complete household, complete with a staff
a schoolmaster and a physician.

In her youth she was one of the most beautiful princesses of Europe.A lot of
candidates want to marry her.

First she was betrothed to Charles V, who became later
Holy Roman Emperor. This betrothal was called off in 1513.

Due to a peace treaty she had to marry the 52 years old King Louis XII of
France. At her wedding, she was 18 years old. He married for the third time!

King Louis XII of France died on January 1st. 1515.
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