The Weekend special is about ...

Yesterday it was exactly 50 years ago that President John F. Kennedy was
assassinated in Dallas.

Source picture - Wikipedia

Dallas - Source picture: Wikipedia

Yesterday I had no time to make a Special Today in History.
That's why I want to make an exception today for my Weekend Special.

John F. Kennedy was the 35th. president of the United States of America.
He and his wife Jacqueline Lee 'Jackie' Bouvier were the American Royals.

I don't want to talk about his complete work as President.
He was a father, son and brother of The Kennedy's.
I'm very interested in his family.

In 1963 he visited Berlin (Germany) and gave the famous speech 'Ich bin ein Berliner'.

His state funeral in 1963 was attended by a lot of (European) Royals. So, it really will
be an interesting Weekend Special.

Meanwhile I like to wish you all a very nice Saturday!
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