The Weekend Special - Royal Destination - The Hague

As I told you in my previous post there are a lot of celebrations in The Hague
for 200 years Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Travel The Hague The Netherlands royal

Lights and Crowns in The Hague - Own picture

In 1830, after the Belgian revolution Amsterdam stayed the capital of
The Netherlands. But the government of The Netherlands, the foreign
embassies and more than 150 international organizations (including the
International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court) are seated in
The Hague.

Travel The Hague The Netherlands

The Hague - Own picture

Personally I liked The Hague more than Amsterdam due to its Royal Connection.
King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands is planned to live in Palace Ten Bosch and
to work in Palace Noordeinde. Both are located in The Hague.
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