Today in History - November 10th. 1433 - Charles the Bold

On November 10th. 1433, Charles the Bold also called Charles the Rash was
born in Dijon.

painting of Charles the Bold made by Peter Paul Rubens - 
source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of Philippe the Good and Isabella of Portugal.

Isabella of Portugal and Philippe the Good - Source picture: Wikipedia


Charles The Bold was below average in height and even shorter than
his father.

Chronicler Chastellain describes the duke as strong, well grown and
well knit. His eyes were laughing expressive and angelically bright.


Chronicler Olivier de la Marche wrote about the Duke:
Hot blooded, active and irritable and as a child always wanted his
own way and resented correction. Nevertheless he was so sensible
and understanding that he resisted his natural tendencies and as
a young man he was more polite than even tempered.

Charles had a lot of talents, he was a gifted linguist, a good orator
and a musician.

The Burgundian Duke spoke at least French, Dutch, Italian,
Portuguese and German.

Love & Marriage

Charles the Bold married three times:

1/ Catherine of France;
2/ Isabella of Bourbon;
3/ Margaret of York.

He had one daughter, Mary of Burgundy.

Mary of Burgundy - Source picture: Wikipedia

He also had at least 2 natural sons: John and Pierson of Burgundy.

Duke of Burgundy

From 1467 till 1477 Charles the Bold was Duke of Burgundy.


On January 5th. 1477 he died in Nancy (France).


Charles the Bold was a warlord. He was involved in a lot of wars and
had a conflict with Louis XI of France.


His nickname was the Bold, the Warrior or the Terrible. Biographers
described the Duke as austere, virtuous and without pity. In French
they called him Le Hardi.
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