Today in History - November 1st. 1611 - William Shakespeare

On November 1st. 1611, William Shakespeare's romantic comedy 'The Tempest'
was presented for the first time before King James I and the English Royal Court
@ Whitehall Palace.

scene from 'The Tempest' - Source: Wikipedia

King James recieved the number I in England and Ireland.
In Scotland he had the number IV.

King James I of England - Source: Wikipedia

King James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots.
He was married Anne, Princess of Denmark.

Queen Consort Anne - Source: Wikipedia

The Palace of Whitehall was the main residence of the English Monarchs from
1530 till 1698. It was the largest palace of Europe.  On January 4th. 1698 it
was destroyed by a fire.

The Old Palace of Whitehall - Source picture: Wikipedia
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