Today in History - November 20th. 1851 - Margherita of Savoy - Queen Consort of Italy

On November 20th. 1851, Margherita of Savoy was born in Palazzo Chiablese in the
(then) Kingdom of Sardinia.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa and
Princess Elisabeth of Saxony.

Her maternal grandparents were John, King of Saxony and
Amalie Auguste of Bavaria.

Her paternal grandparents were Charles Albert, King of Sardinia and
Maria Theresa of Austria.

In 1868, Margherita of Savoy married Umberto I of Italy.
He was her first cousin. They
had 1 child: Victor  Emmanuel III of Italy.


The name Margherita Pizza is derived from her.

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Source picture: Wikipedia
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