Today in History - November 4th. 1650 - William III of England

On November 4th. 1650, William III of England was born.

During his life two types of calendars were used in Europe: 
the Julian Calendar in Britain 
and parts of Northern and Eastern Europe; the Gregorian Calendar 
elsewhere including Williams Birth Place The Netherlands.

So actually William III was born on November 14th. 1650 
by the Gregorian Calender and on November 4th. by 
the Julian Calender. 

William III was a sovereign Prince of Orange of the
House of Orange-Nassau by birth.

He governed as stadtholder over Holland, Gelderland, Zeeland,
Utrecht, Overijssel and the Dutch Republic.

On November 4th. 1677, William married Mary in
Saint James's Palace.

They had no children. Unfortunately she had some miscarriages.
Her childless would be the greatest source of unhappiness of her life.

From 1689, he reigned over England and Ireland as
William III and in Scotland as William II. His nickname was 'King Billy'.

Source pictures: Wikipedia
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