Royal Destinations from the past - Carlton House in London, United Kingdom

Another important historical building in London (capital of the United Kingdom) was
Carlton House. It was the home of the Prince Regent for several decades since 1783.

Old picture of Carlton House - Source: Wikipedia

Carlton House was known for its French neoclassical style. 

In 1796 Carlton House was finished. It became a luxurious place. Visitors
were impressed.

Inside Carlton House
Source: Wikipedia

Inside the house, there were a lot of works of art like Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck. 
The paintings and art are now in Buckingham Palace.

In 1820, George IV became King of the United Kingdom. He claimed that
Carlton House was too small for him. During his reign Buckingham House 
was rebuilt to Buckingham Palace. 

In 1825, Carlton House was demolished.

Now Carlton House Terrace is located on the grounds of Carlton House.
The buildings still belong to the Crown Estate.  
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