Today in History - January 6th. 1900 - Maria of Yugoslavia

On January 6th. 1900, Marie of Yugoslavia was born in Gotha (Germany).

Marie as a child
Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Marie of Edinburgh and Ferdinand I of Romania.
Through her mother she was a great-grandchild of Queen Victoria of
the United Kingdom.

Queen Marie of Yugoslavia
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1922 she married Alexander I of Yugoslavia. 
He was King of the Kingdom of the Serbs;
Croats and Slovenes.

The wedding took place in Belgrade (now capital of Serbia).

During her reign she was involved in several social projects.
She also was a patron of a lot of charities.

In 1934, her husband was assassinated. 

She moved to England. There she lived without royal extravagance.

On June 22n. 1961 Marie died in England.
First she was buried at Frogmore (near Windsor Castle).

In 2013 her remains were transferred to Serbia. 
She is re-buried in Oplenac (Serbia).  
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