Today in History - February 1st. 1248 - Henry II, Duke of Brabant

Henry II, Duke of Brabant was born in 1207 (the exact date is unknown).

Henry II, Duke of Brabant
Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Henry I, Duke of Brabant and Mathilde of Flanders.

Henry II married twice. First he married Marie of Hohenstaufen (daughter of 
Philip of Swabia). They had 6 children. 

He secondly married Sophie of Thuringia (daughter of Ludwig IV of Thuringia
and Elisabeth of Hungary). They had 2 children.

Henry II, Duke of Brabant died on February 1st. 1248 in Louvain (now Belgium).

Henry II was a member of the Noble House of Reginar. 

Coat of Arms of the House of Reginar
Source picture: Wikipedia

This family was founded in 770. They had a lot of Noble titles like: 
Duke of Lorraine;
Duke of Brabant;
Duke of Limburg;
Margrave of Antwerp;
Count of Louvain and many more.

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