Today in History - February 22nd. 1371 - David II of Scotland

On March 5th. 1324, David II of Scotland was born in Dunfermline Castle in Fife.

David II of Scotland
Source picture: Wikipedia


David II married Joan of The Tower. She was 7 years old, he only 4!

He became King of Scots. He aged around 5 years! They were crowned
in 1331. During the minority of David II, Scotland was guardened by
Thomas Randolph, 1st. Earl of Moray. 

David II and his wife fled to France after a lost battle.

David II attacked England. @ the Battle of Neville's Cross he was defeated
and taken captive but he could return to Scotland. 

Joan of The Tower died.

David II remarried Margaret Drummond. They divorced in 1370.

He died in 1371 in Edinburgh. He was the last male of the House of Bruce. 
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