Today in History - February 5th. 1519 - René of Chalon - The Netherlands

René of Chalon was born on February 5th. 1519 in Breda (now The Netherlands).
He was a Prince of Orange, stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht & Gelre.

René of Chalon
Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Henry III of Nassau-Breda and Claudia of Chalon.
In 1540, René of Chalon married Anna of Lorraine.

Anna of Lorraine
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They had one child, a daughter who only lived for 3 weeks.

On July 18th. 1544, René of Chalon died during a battle, in service of
Emperor Charles V.

After the death of René of Chalon, William the Silent inherited not only 
his property but also his title 'Prince of Orange'.
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