The Netherlands - March 6th. till March 7th 2014 - Queen Máxima was in Peru

Last week, Queen Máxima of The Netherlands visited Colombia and Peru.
On next link you can see some beautiful pictures. (text in Dutch).

In Peru, Queen Máxima visited some suburbs of Lima.
Lima is the capital of Peru.

Some History about Lima

In the 15th century Lima was a part of the Inca Empire.

Map of the Inca empire
Source picture: Wikipedia

In the 16th.century, a group of Spanish conquistadors defeated the Inca ruler

August 29th. 1533 - Death of Atahualpa
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1535, Pizarro (a Spanish governor) founded his capital. It was called
City of the Kings (in Spanish: La ciudad de los Reyes).

In 1821, Peru became independent from Spain and Lima became the capital.

In 1988, the historical center of Lima was listed on the
Unesco World Heritage Site.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Queen Máxima of The Netherlands visited Colombia & Peru as Special Advocate
for the United Nations (inclusive finance and development).

Today, she opens the National Week of the Money in The Netherlands.
The opening event takes place in Hilversum. 
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