Today in History - March 5th. 1512 - Gerardus Mercator

On March 5th. 1512, one of the most important cartographers, philosophers and
mathematicians was born in Rupelmonde (now located in Belgium). His name was
Gerard de Cremer. Later he translated his name in Gerardus Mercator.

Rupelmonde is not far from my hometown Sint-Niklaas.
Untill today every Belgian schoolchild learns about Gerardus Mercator.

Gerardus Mercator
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1552 Gerardus Mercator moved to Duisburg in Germany.

He published some maps of the world in the 16th. century.
He learned to use the Italic script. He put it under his maps.
This method was used until the 19th. century.

Map of Mercator
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1541, Mercator made an earth globe. He worked as cartographer at the court
of William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

Gerardus Mercator died on December 2nd. 1594.

His legacy is treasured very well. Several places, schools and streets
in Belgium are named after him.

In Sint-Niklaas there is a Mercator Museum which shows the history of the

In Ostend there is a Ship called the Mercator.

Mercator, Ostend, Belgium

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