Today in History - April 26th.1648 - Peter II of Portugal

On April 26th. 1648, Peter II (in Portuguese: Pedro II) was born @
the Ribeira Palace in Lisbon.

Pedro II - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were John IV of Portugal and Luisa of Medina-Sidonia.

Initially the Portuguese throne was for his older brother, Alfonso VI.
His mother became regent because Alfonso VI was mentally ill.

Pedro banished his older brother to the isle Terceira.
In 1683, Alfonso died, so Pedro could become King of Portugal.

He married his brother's wife Maria Francisca of Savoy. They had one daughter. 
After her death Pedro remarried Maria Sophia of Neuburg. 
He had several children during this marriage but he also had some illegitimate

 He died on December 9th. 1706. Pedro was succeeded by his son John V.

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