Today in History - April 27th. 1404 - Philip the Bold

Philip the Bold (in French: Philippe le Hardi, in Dutch: Filips de Stoute) was born on
January 17th. 1342 in Pontoise (France).

Philip the Bold - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were John II of France and Bonne of Bohemia.

In 1369 he married Margaret of Dampierre, daughter of Louis II, Count of Flanders.
She was the heiress of Flanders, Brabant, Artois and the Free County of Burgundy.

They had 9 children. Philip the Bold arranged all the marriages of his children. He
followed a politic and strategic design which would be followed by his successors.

From 1379 till 1382, Philip the Bold helped his father-in-law to put down the
revolts in Flanders particularly in Ghent  (against Philip van Artevelde).
These revolts ended in 1385.

Philip the Bold died on April 27th. 1404 in Halle, County of Hainaut (now located in

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