Today in History - June 19th. 1934 - Prince Bernhard of Lippe

Prince Bernhard of Lippe was born on August 26th. 1872 in Oberkassel,
then located in the Kingdom of Prussia.

Prince Bernhard of Lippe - Source picture: Wikipedia

Prince Bernhard was the second son of Ernest II, Count of Lippe-Biesterfeld
and Countess Karolina of Wartensleben. He entered the Prussian army where
the Prince reached the rank of Major.

On March 4th. 1909, Prince Bernhard married Armgard of Sierstorpff-Cramm.
From this marriage two children were born: Bernhard and Aschwin.

On February 24th. 1916 the boys received the title Prince from their uncle
Leopold IV.

Prince Bernhard of Lippe died on June 19th. 1934 in Munich.
His son married on January 7th. 1937 Princess Juliana of The Netherlands ....
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