Today in History - June 30th. 1503 - John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony

June 30th. 1503 marks the birth of John Frederick. This event took place in
Weimar (now located in Germany).

John Frederick of Saxony - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were John, Elector of Saxony and Sophie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

As child he recieved his education from George Spalatin, who was a good friend
of Martin Luther. 

On February 9th. 1527, John Frederick of Saxony married Sibylle of Cleves in
Torgau with a lavish wedding ceremony. 

Sibylle of Cleves - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1532 John Frederick's father died and he became Elector of Saxony. He 
consolidated the Lutharian State Church by the institution of an electoral
consistory and he renewed the church vision.

In 1547 the Elector of Saxony was taken captive by Emperor Charles V, he
condemned him to death, but later John Frederick's punishment became:
prisoner for life.

John Frederick of Saxony stayed in touch with friends and family.
He kept his Protestant faith.

After five years of captivity the Elector of Saxony, finally, reunited with
his wife and children. This reunion however was very short. 

In 1554 Sibylle of Cleves died on February 21st. and John Frederick
of Saxony on March 3rd. of the same year. 
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