Today in History - July 11th. 1662 - Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria

July 11th. 1662 marks the birth of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria.
This 'event' took place in Munich. His parents were Ferdinand Maria, Elector
of Bavaria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy.

Maxmilian II Emanuel Statue in Munich - Germany -
Own Picture

His paternal grandparents played an important role in European History. 
They were Victor Amadeus I of Savoy and Christine Marie of France, 
daughter of King Henry IV.

Already at a young age, Maximilian II moved to Vienna (Austria). 
He took up a place in the army of the Habsburgs. His first task was to
protect Vienna against the attempt of the Ottoman Empire.

In Vienna he married Maria Antonia of Austria, daughter of Leopold I,
Holy Roman Emperor and Margaret Theresa of Spain.

This marriage was unhappy, since the couple disliked each other, but
they managed to produce heirs for Bavaria and for Spain.

In 1688 Maximilian II Emanuel led the capture of Belgrade from the
Turks, which made him very famous.

In late 1691 Maximilian II Emanuel was appointed as governor for the
Spanish Netherlands (now inter alia Belgium).

Maria Antonia of Austria died on December 24th. 1692 @ the 
Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

On January 2nd. 1695 Maximilian II Emanuel married 
Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska (daughter of the Polish King).

Maximilian II Emanuel died on February 26th. 1726.
He was buried in the Theatiner Church in Munich.
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