Today in History - July 19th. 1822 - Princess Augusta of Cambridge

Augusta Caroline Charlotte Elizabeth Mary Sophia Louise was born on
July 19th. 1822 in Hanover.

Princess Augusta of Cambridge - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge (7th. son of King 
George III of the United Kingdom) and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel.

Family ties

She had one brother, Prince George (later Duke of Cambridge) and one
sister who was Princess Marie Adelaide (later Duchess of Teck). 

Princess Augusta of Cambridge was a niece of Queen Victoria and
the aunt of Mary of Teck, who  married the later George V.


Princess Augusta of Cambridge was one of the possible brides of
the later King William (Willem) III of The Netherlands, but he didn't
like her appearance.

Finally she married her first cousin Frederick William of Mecklenburg-
Strelitz @ Buckingham Palace in London on June 28th. 1843.

They had two sons, one survived childhood.

About her

Princess Augusta of Cambridge spent most of her life in Germany but
she kept close contacts with the British Royal Family. She frequently
visited her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who had apartments in 
Kensington Palace. 

After the death of her mother, Princess Augusta acquired a house in

With the preparation of the coronation of King Edward VII and
Queen Alexandra she was consulted on matters of etiquette and

As an elderly lady Princess Augusta of Cambridge became a bit

Princess Augusta of Cambridge died on December 5th. 1916
in Neustreliz (Germany).

Princess Augusta of Cambridge - Source picture: Wikipedia
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