History - OnThisDay - July 24th. 1759 - Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia

On July 24th. 1759 a boy was born in the Royal Palace of Turin at the magnificent
isle Sardinia. He received the name: Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia

A portrait of the young Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia 
Source picture: Wikipedia

Victor Emmanuel was the second son of King Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia and
Maria Antoinetta of Spain (daughter of King Philip V of Spain and Elisabeth Farnese).

On April 25th. 1789 he married Maria Theresa of Austria-Este.
They had a happy marriage. The couple had six daughters and one son, who died

From his birth, Victor Emmanuel was formerly known as the Duke of Aosta. 
Between 1792 and 1797 he served in the army as supreme commander. 
His elder brother, who ruled as Charles Emmanuel VI took little interest in his 
task as king.

Victor Emanul I of Sardinia - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1802 Charles Emmanuel abdicated in favor of Victor Emmanuel but the King 
and his family lived in exile. 

Due to the Congress in Vienna, Victor Emmanuel could return in 1814 to Sardinia, 
but he ruled very strict. He didn't do any concessions to the constitution.

In 1821 new riots forced Victor Emmanuel to abdicate in favor of his brother 
Charles Felix. Victor Emmanuel died on January 10th. 1824. 
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