Today in History - July 4th. 1801 - Infanta Isabel Maria of Portugal

The birth of Infanta Isabel Maria of Portugal took place on July 4th. 1801 @ the
Queluz National Palace.

She was the daughter of John VI of Portugal and Carlotta Joaquin of Spain.

Isabel Maria of Portugal in national colors - Source picture: Wikipedia

Isabel Maria played an important role in the politics of Portugal because
she was chosen as regent of the Kingdom. 

She stayed regent until Pedro VI of Portugal (who became emperor
Pedro I of Brazil) returned.

In 1828 Isabel Maria finished as regent due to a civil war between two
possible heirs to the throne.

She withdrew from politics and dedicated her life to religion.
Infanta Isabel Maria died unmarried on April 22nd. 1876 in Benfica 
(Kingdom of Portugal).
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