Today in History - July 7th. 1528 - Archduchess Anna of Austria

Archduchess Anna of Austria was born on July 7th. 1528 in Prague as the third
child of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary.

Archduchess Anna of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Anna had a lot of siblings who played, like her, an important role in history.
She was a sister of inter alia:

- Elizabeth, Queen of Poland;
- Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor;
- Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria;
- Catherine, Queen of Poland;
- Eleanor, Duchess of Mantua;
- Barbara, Duchess of Ferrara;
- Charles II, Archduke of Austria;
- Johanna, Duchess of Tuscany.

In the maze of Dynastic politics, Anna's possible marriage really was influential
for the History in Europe.

Finally she married Albert V, the later Duke of Bavaria in Regensburg (Germany) 
on July 4th. 1546, at the age of 17.

Regensburg Germany

Own pictures taken in Regensburg in May 2014

Regensburg Germany

Anna and Albert had great influence on the spiritual life in the Duchy.
They enchanted the reputation of Munich as a city of art and founded
several museums. The couple also were patrons of the painter 
Hans Müelich and the composer Orlando di Lasso.

Anna died on October 16th. 1590 in Munich.
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