Treetuesday - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands - National Canadian Liberation Monument

The threetuesday picture of this week is taken in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands).

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Apeldoorn The Netherlands National Canadian Liberation Monument

Own picture taken on June 7th. 2014

On the picture you can see a very special statue called 
'The man with the two heads'. 
It is a part of National Canadian Liberation Monument.

This statue has a similar one in Ottawa (Canada) and they were both
opened by Princess Margriet (sister of the Former Queen Beatrix).


During World War II, Canadese soldiers played an important role in the 
liberation of The Netherlands. 

The headquarter of Canadese troops was located in the Loo Palace
See my post about The Loo Palace .


To remember the liberation and to say thank you to the Canadese
soldiers, every 5 year there is a national defilé.

This statue is a permanent monument.

So this is my Treetuesday picture of this week. I wish you all a very nice and
sunny Tuesday and to the Canadese readers of this blog: Happy Canada Day!
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