Today in History - September 24th 1230 - Alfonso IX of Léon

On August 15th. 1171, the only son of King Ferdinand II of Léon and
Urraca of Portugal was born in Zamora (now North West of Spain).
The boy received the name Alfonso.

Alfonso IX- Source picture: Wikipedia

On January 22nd. 1188 Alfonso became King of Léon and Galicia. 
He gave the order to found the University of Salamanca in 1212.
Besides that Alfonso was known for his battles against the Moors.
He won in Cáceres, Mérida and Badajoz (1229-1230).

Alfonso IX married two times with one of his cousins
1/ Theresa of Portugal
2/ Berengaria of Castile
The marriages were dissolved by Pope Celestine III, although
there were children.

Alfonso IX had a lot of children by his wives and
other women (total children of Alfonso IX: 21).

He died on September 24th. 1230. Alfonso IX was buried in the
cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
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