Today in History - October 20th. 1538 - Francesco Maria I della Rovere, Duke of Urbino (Italy)

Francesco Maria della Rovere was born on March 22nd. 1490 in Senigallia,
capital of the Duchy of Urbino (now located in Italy).

Francesco Maria della Rovere - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Giovanni della Rovere and Giovanna da Montalto.
He was a nephew of Giuliano della Rovere, who became Pope Julius II.

Guidobaldo I of Urbino had no children and he called Francesco at court
and named him as heir for the duchy in 1504. In 1508 Guidobaldo died and
Francesco became the new duke of Urbino. With the help of Pope Julius II
he could conquer the duchy.

In 1508 Francesco Maria della Rovere married a noble called:
Eleonora Gonzaga. They had 5 children.

When Pope Julius II died, Francesco lost a great support. In 1516 he was
excommunicated by the new Pope Leo X and had to leave Urbino.
However Francesco could return to his duchy in 1521 due to the death of
Pope Leo X.

On October 20th. 1538 he was poisoned and died in Pesaro. 
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