Today in History - October 27th. 1312 - Death of John II, Duke of Brabant

On September 27th. 1275 a very noble boy was born:
John of Brabant also called the Peaceful.

John II, Duke of Brabant - Source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of John I of Brabant and Margaretha of Flanders, a daughter
of Guy of Dampierre (famous from the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302).

In 1294 John succeeded his father as Duke of Brabant. During his reign, he
could stop the French expansion but he tried to conquer South Holland, plans
which weren't successful. 

On July 8th. 1290 he married Margaret Plantagenet in Westminster Abbey in
London. She was the daughter of King Edward I of England and Eleanor of
Castille. They had one son, who became later John III, Duke of Brabant.
On October 27th. 1312 John II died due to kidney stones. He was buried in
the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral in Brussels.

own picture of the St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral in Brussels

In the modern Kingdom of Belgium, the title 'Duke of Brabant' revived as
honorific title, which is traditionally resigned to the crown prince, even 
though the province Brabant, now is located in ... The Netherlands.

Crown Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has now the title
'Duchess of Brabant'. 
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