Today in History - October 28th. 1696 - Maurice de Saxe, Count of Saxony

Maurice de Saxe was born on October 28th. 1696 at Goslar
(now: lower Saxony Germany).

Maurice de Saxe - Source picture: Wikipedia

He was the illegitimate son of Augustus II the Strong, King of Poland and
Elector of Saxony and Countess Maria Aurora of Königsmarck. 

In 1698 the Countess sent him to his father in Warsaw, where his father had
been elected King of Poland (in the previous year). 
Unfortunately due to the unsettled condition of the country, Maurice was
obliged to spend the greater part of his youth outside the borders of Poland.
This separation from his father made him independent and had an important
effect on his future career.

When Maurice was 12 years old, he served in the army of
Prince Eugene of Savoy. He next served under Peter the Great against the
Swedes. In 1711 August formally recognized him as his son and Maurice was
granted the rank of Count. At the age of 17 in 1713 he commanded his own 

Maurice de Saxe - Source picture: Wikipedia


On March 12th. 1714 a marriage was arranged between him and one of the
richest of his father's subjects, Countess Johanna Viktoria Tugendreich von
Loeben. He dissipated her fortune so quick that he was soon heavily in debt.

On January 21st. 1715 Johanna gave birth to a son, who was called 
August Adolf after his grandfather. The child lived a few hours. 

On March 21st. 1721 their marriage was annuled.


Meanwhile, in 1717, he went to Paris to study mathematics in 1720 he
obtained a commission as Maréchal de camp.

On March 26th. 1743 Maurice was promoted to Marshal of France.
From this time on, he became one of the great generals of the age. After
some brilliant achievements King Louis XV of France conferred on him
the Château de Chambord for life and in 1746 Maurice was naturalised
as a French subject.


During the last years of his life, Maurice had an affair with a French lady,
who was called Marie-Geneviève Rainteau. At that time she was 18!
years old. In 1748 she gave birth to a daugther, Maria Aurora or
Marie Aurore in French.

In 1764 Marie Aurore married Antoine, Comte d'Horne, an illegitimate
son of Louis XV of France.
She was the grandmother of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, who became

the famous writer George Sand.


Maurice de Saxe also wrote a remarkable work on the art of war with the
title 'Mes Rêveries'


Maurice de Saxe died on November 20th. 1750 @ Château de Chambord in
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