Today in History - November 21st. 1840 - Birth of Victoria, Princess Royal

Descendants of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her husband, 
Prince Albert, always interested me a lot. November 21st. 1840 is therefore
an important day. Their eldest child was born: 

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa.

In 1841 she received the title: Princes Royal. In the family she was known
as Vicky.

Prince Albert and his eldest daughter - Source picture: Wikipedia

The education of Victoria was closely followed by her parents. She became
very intelligent, unlike her brother. At the age of five, Victoria was taught to
read and write by her governess. The little princes also spoke French with her
French nursery maid.

On January 25th. 1858 the Princess Royal married
Prince Frederick William of Prussia. 
Their marriage was both a love match and a dynastic alliance.
They had 8 children.

On March 9th. 1888 Victoria became The German Empress and Queen
of Prussia. Unfortunately her husband died after reigning 99 days.

As widow, Victoria lived in Castle Friedrichshof but in Berlin, she
established schools for higher education of girls and for nurses' training.

Victoria kept close to her brother, the future King Edward VII of the 
United Kingdom and to other members of the British Royal family 

On August 5th. 1801 she died due to breast cancer. Victoria was buried
at the Friedenskirche in Postdam.
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