Today in History - November 28th. 1634 - Marie Louise von Degenfeld

Marie Louise von Degenfeld was born on November 28th. 1634
in Strasbourg (now located in eastern France).

Marie Louise von Degenfeld - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were the impoverished baron Martens-Christof von Degenfeld 
and his wife Maria Anna Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden.

In 1650 Marie Louise von Degenfeld was appointed to become the 
lady-in-waiting of Charlotte of Hesse-Kassel, the consort of 
Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine. She moved to the Electoral Palace
in Heidelberg (now located in south-west Germany).

The marriage of Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine was very bad. 
His wife, Charlotte, openly protested that the wedding had been
contracted against her will. Charles I Louis turned his affection to
Marie Louise von Degenfeld but she declined to become his
mistress. So, the elector contracted a morganatic and bigamous
marriage to her. 

They had 13 children together, but only one of them could 
married and have children on her own. 

The situation at the Electoral Palace in Heidelberg was weird.
Charlotte, Charles I Louis and Marie Louise von Degenfeld
lived under the same roof for a while untill Charlotte had to
move back to her family.

The 14th. pregnancy of Marie Louise von Degenfeld didn't
go well, she died on March 18th. 1677.
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