Funeral - Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Monogram of Queen Fabiola - Source picture: Wikipedia

On this rainy day the funeral of Queen Fabiola of Belium takes place.

screenshot Queen Fabiola - July 2013

Now, the Belgian Royal Family is (in cars) on their way to the
Cathedral fo St. Michael and St. Gudula. The last tour of Queen Fabiola...

own picture with the statue of queen Fabiola's husband 
King Baudouin of Belgium

They are arrived. The Royal Family is entering the cathedral. Around 10 AM
the funeral service started.

After two hours, the service is finished. The Royal Family will now, go to
the Church of Our Lady in Laeken.

There the coffin will be interred in the Royal Crypt, next to her husband,
King Baudouin.

To make things more clear - Belgium has now 2 queens left.

Married with the reigning King: Queen Mathilde of the Belgians
Married with the non reigning King: Queen Paola of Belgium 

Inside the cathedral - taken in 2012

Who attended the funeral service?

A lot of Belgian politicians and bishops attended the funeral
service, but there also was place for 200 citizens who were
chosen by random. (they had to apply by mail and the
Belgian government selected the citizens).

All the members of the Belgian Royal Family
attended the funeral.

Members of the Family of Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Many (former) European Royals were present:

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (brother-in-law of Queen Fabiola)
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie
and many other members of the Grand Ducal Family
even members of the Princely House of Liechtenstein

King Juan Carlos of Spain
Queen Sofia of Spain
Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
King Harald of Norway and his sister Princess Astrid
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Queen Silvia of Sweden
Queen Margrethe of Denmark

members of the former Italian Royal Family

There also were a lot of Non-European Royal guests like

Empress of Japan
Princess Sirindhorn, daughter of King Bhumibol of Thailand
Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco
Farah Pahlavi - Former Queen of Iran.


own picture - inside the cathedral - taken in 2012
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