Today in History - December 11th. 1445 - Eberhard I of Württemberg with the motto 'I dare'

On December 11th 1445, a boy was born at Urach. He received the name:
Eberhard of Württemberg. Later he was known as Eberhard the Bearded.

Eberhard of Württemberg - Source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of count Ludwig I and his wife Mechtild of the Palatinate.
In 1468 Eberhard travelled to Jerusalem, there he became a knight of the
Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Later he chose the palm as his symbol.

On April 12th. of July 4th 1474 (the exact date isn't known) he married
Barbara, who whas the daughter of Ludovico III Gonzaga, Marquis of
Mantua. Eberhard and Barbara had one daughter together, who was
called: Barbara. Unfortunately she lived very shortly.

In 1477 Eberhard founded the University of Tübingen.
In 1482 he achieved the re-unification of the two parts of Württemberg
with the  Treaty of Münsingen. Later he moved the capital to Stuttgart.

Eberhard was praised for his commitment to his subjects, although he
was a fanatical persecutor of Jews.

In 1492 Eberhard received the Order of the Golden Fleece by
Maximilian I (then King of Germany). This Maximilian declared
count Eberhard V as Duke of Württemberg (in German: Hertzog).

Eberhard died on February 24th. 1496 at Tübingen.
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