Today in History - December 12th. 1298 - Albert II, Duke of Austria also known as Albert the Wise or the Lame

December 12th. 1298 marks the birth of Albert II of Austria. He was born at
Habsburg Castle (located in Switzerland).

Albert II of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Albert I of Germany and Elisabeth of Tyrol.

On February 15th. 1324 Albert II of Austria married Countess Johanna of Pfirt.
They had 6 children.

Albert II died on August 16th. 1358 in Vienna.

He gave the order to start the construction of the Gothic Choir in the
St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.
This was known as the Albertinian Choir.

St. Stephens Cathedral- own picture

Where does the name 'The Lame' came from?

It has been speculated that Albert II, Duke of Austria, had temporary
paralysis caused by polyarthritis.
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