Today in History - December 16th. 1751 - Leopold II Maximilian - Prince of Anhalt Dessau

Leopold II Maximilian was born at Dessau on December 25th. 1700 as the
second son of Leopold I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau and Anna Louise Föhse.

Leopold II Maximilian of Anhalt Dessau - Source picture: Wikipedia

Already at the age of nine, he accompanied his father on his military duties for the
Prussian army. 

In 1715 Leopold Maximilian was appointed Lieutenant Colonel-in-Chief of the 
Infantry Regiment No. 27 of Stendal.

In 1733 he led the Prussian forces stationed in Mühlhausen (Thuringia)
during the first Silesian War.

Leopold Maximilian married on May 25th. 1737 Gisela Agnes in Bernburg.
They should have 7 children.

1737 was an important year for Leopold Maximilian - then his elder brother,
the Hereditary Prince William Gustav died. This made him the new heir of 
Dessau. After the death of his father (1747), Leopold became the Prince of

But this Prince was one of the best generals who served under King
Frederick the Great of Prussia. He distinguished himself in several

On December 16th. 1751, Leopold Maximilian died in Dessau.
To honor his general, King Frederick the Great named a newly founded 
village after him: Leopoldshagen (located in northern Germany).
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