Today in History - December 17th. 1638 - Anna Sophia II, Princess Abbess of Quedlinburg

On December 17th. 1638 Landgravine Anna Sophia of Hesse-Darmstadt was born
as the daughter of George II, Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt and Duchess
Sophia Leonore of Saxony.

Anna Sophia - Source picture: Wikipedia

At the age of 17 ,in 1655, Anna Sophia entered the Quedlinburg Abbey. 
This was located in Saxony - Anhalt. 

In 1658 she published a book of spiritual meditations with the title 
Der True Seelenfreund Christus Jesus. In this book she defended her 
choice to remain unmarried.

At first Lutheran theologians regarded her book as suspect.
They argued that the book equalized women with men! They later
changed their minds. It became a standard in the 17th. century.

In 1681, she was elected to succeed Anna Sophia I, Princess-Abbess
of Quedlinburg under the name Anna Sophia II.

There Anna Sophia died on December 13th. 1683 (after she reigned 
only for two years).
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