Today in History - December 23rd. 1865 - Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg

Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg was born on December 23rd. 1865
in Vienna as the son of Philipp, Duke of Württemberg and
Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria.

Albrecht and his wife - Source picture: Wikipedia

On January 24th. 1893 Albrecht married Archduchess Margarete Sophie
of Austria. This took place in Vienna. The two would have 7 children.

During World War I he commanded the German 4th Army inter alia in
the Battle of the Ardennes (1914), the first Battle of the Marne and then 
he was transferred to Flanders during the Battle of the Yser until the 

On October 2nd. 1921, Albrecht became the head of the
House of Württemberg after the death of his cousin King William II.
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Albrecht died on October 31st. 1939 at Altshausen, which is now
located in southern Germany.
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