Today in History - December 24th. 1588 - the ambitious Constance of Austria

December 24th. 1588 marks the birth of Constance of Austria.
Her parents were Charles II of Austria and Maria Anna of Bavaria.

Constance of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

After the death of her sister, Anna of Austria, Constance married her
sisters widow, Sigismund III Vasa (King of Poland), on December 11th. 1605.
They would have 7 children.

As Queen Constance was very ambitious and she tried to have political
influences. She built a strong fraction of followers by arranging marriages
between her handmaidens and powerful nobles. 

She also represented the Habsburg Family in Poland and all the positions
at the Royal Court were influenced by her. She talked Spanish, Latin and
Italian. As queen of Poland Constance learned Polish but she never liked
to use it. 

The very religious Constance went twice a day to a Service. She also was
a patron of clerics, painters and architects. 

On July 10th. 1631, at the age of 42, she died due to a stroke.
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