History - OnThisDay - February 10th. 1524 - Catherine of Saxony, Archduchess of Austria

July 24th. 1468 marks the birth of Catherine of Saxony. This glorious event took
place in Grimma, which is now 25 km from Leipzig in Germany.

Catherine was the eldest child of Albert III, Duke of Saxony and his wife
Sidonie of Podebrady.

Catherine of Saxony

In 1484, at the age of 16, Catherine became the second wife of
Archduke Sigismund of Austria. He was already 56 years old and
according to many people, senile.

The young bride wasn't accepted at all. A former lover of Sigismund
even claimed falsely that Catherine tried to poison her husband.

There also were tensions between Sigismund and
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III 
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In 1496, Sigismund died and Catherine later remarried
Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.
This marriage would have 1 short living daughter.

On February 10th. 1524, Catherine died. She was buried in
Minden (Germany).
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