Today in History - February 19th. 1562 - Eberwin III, Count of Bentheim-Steinfurt

Eberwin III, Count of Bentheim-Steinfurt was born somewhere in 1536.
His parents were Arnold II of Bentheim-Steinfurt and Walburga of

Eberwin III - Source picture

In 1553 when he was 18 years old, Eberwin III married Anna of Tecklenburg-
Schwerin (then 21 years old and the Heiress of Tecklenburg). Both families
arranged the wedding on the basis of religious and political reasons. They even
made a contract that if Eberwin III died young, Anna should marry his younger
brother Arnold.

Unfortunately this turned out to a drama. When Anna's father died, a huge
dispute broke out between Eberwin and his wife. She claimed the rule and
her own heritage as countess. Eberwin on the other hand claimed that he
should rule. He even arrested his wife and locked her up in her own

Count Christopher of Oldenburg intervened and released Anna. After
this episode, the nobility of Tecklenburg sided with Anna and accused
Eberwin of adultery. Anna accused her husband of spending too much on
luxury things, such as horses and portraits. Finally Eberwin and Anna
agreed to a separation from table and bed.

The troubles ended when Eberwin died from syphilis on
February 19th. 1562. He became 26 years old.

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