Today in History - February 23rd. 1766 - Caroline von Humboldt

February 23rd. 1766 marks the birth of Caroline von Humboldt.
This event took place in Minden (Germany).

Caroline von Humboldt - Source picture

Her parents had been  Karl Friedrich von Dacheröden and
Ernestine Friderike, Countess of Hopfgarten. 

On June 29th. 1791 Caroline married Wilhelm von Humboldt in
Erfurt. This marriage was rather special for that time because the
two lived for long time seperated and then together. The couple gave
each other a lot of freedom however they would have 8 children.

The two lived in Paris (France), Rome (Italy) and Vienna (Austria),
where Caroline always made from her house an important social

Caroline even traveled to Spain, then with three children, for
cataloging the Spanish art, this was much appreciated by

Rome was her favorite city. There she became a patron of art,
she bought a lot of works from German artists like Gottlieb Schick,
Friedrich Tieck and many more.

When she was back in Berlin, Caroline ruled with success a
literary salon. There she met important statesmen, scientists and
writers. Even King Ludwig I of Bavaria was one of her guests.

This had an important influence at the work of her husband,
who was a philosopher and diplomat. He founded the Humboldt
University of Berlin.

Caroline von Humboldt died on March 26th. 1829 in Berlin.
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