Today in History - February 5th. 1704 - Anne-Christine of Sulzbach, Princess of Piedmont

February 5th. 1704 marks the birth of Anne-Christine of Sulzbach.
This happy event took place at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg Palace located in
Bavaria (Germany).

Anne-Christine of Sulzbach - Princess of Piedmont
Source picture: Wikipedia

What do you think about her hair style?

She was the daughter of Theodore Eustace of Sulzbach and his wife
Maria Eleonore of Hesse-Rotenburg. Anne-Christine was thus a member
of the glorious House of Wittelsbach.

On March 15th. 1722 Anne-Christine of Sulzbach married
Charles Emmanuel of Savoy. Her husband was then Prince of Piedmont.
Later he became King of Sardinia.

In 1723 Anne-Christine gave birth to a son:
Prince Vittorio Amedeo Theodore. He received the title Duke of Aosta.

Anne- Christine died a few days later on March 12th. 1723. She was
buried in Turin (Italy).

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