Tree Tuesday Picture - Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice - France

My Tree Tuesday picture was taken in 2013 in Nice (France).

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Own Tree tuesday Picture - Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice

On the picture you see trees and a very special building:
the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.
This has a great and Royal History.
In the 19th. century members of the Russian Imperial Court chose Nice and 
other places at the French Rivièra as their favorite holiday destination.

On April 24th. 1885, Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich (son of Tsar 
Alexander II and Mary of Hesse and by Rhine (Maria Alexandrovna)) 
died in Nice.

To remind the death of Tsarevich there were plans to build a big Cathedral.
These plans were realized in 1912. 

Due to the generosity of Tsar Nicholas II (grandson of Tsar Alexander II) the
Russian Orthodox Cathedral was funded.

Nowadays the Moscow Patriarchate ruled this Cathedral, after a long Dispute.
It is the largest Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Western Europe. 

I only saw it from the outside and it really is worth a visit.
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