Today in History - April 3rd. 1812 - Louise of Orléans, first Queen of Belgium

April 3rd. 1812 marks the birth of Louise of Orléans. This event took place
in Sicily (Italy).

Portrait of Queen Louise of Belgium in the Royal Palace of Brussels
own picture

Her parents had been Louis Philipp I, King of the French and
Maria Amalia of the Two Sicilies.

As a child Louise of Orléans received a religious and a bourgeois

On August 9th. 1832 Louise of Orléans married Leopold I,
King of the Belgians at Château de Compiègne in France.

They would have 4 children:
Prince Louis Philippe of Belgium (who died young),
Leopold II of Belgium,
Prince Philippe of Belgium, Count of Flanders (his son was King Albert I),
Princess Charlotte of Belgium, Consort of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico.

King Leopold I, Queen Louise and their family -
Source picture: Wikipedia

Louise of Orléans died on October 11th. 1850 in Ostend.
She had tuberculosis.

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