Today in History / On This Day - April 7th. 1826 - Alte Pinakothek in Munich - Germany

On april 7th. 1826, King Ludwig I of Bavaria ordered to build a new gallery
for the Wittelbachs Collection. Archictect Leo von Klenze accepted this job
with pleasure.

The Alte Pinakothek (Old Pinakothek) was at that time the largest museum
in the world with a neo-renaissance exterior.
So, the museum looked like a castle, which was common in the 19th. century.

Alte Pinakothek Munich Bavaria Germany Travel
Alte Pinakothek Munich Germany Own Picture

After its inauguration in 1836, the Alte Pinakothek became model for many
gallleries in the world like Rome (Italy), Saint Petersburg (Russia) and
Brussels (Belgium).

Munich Alte Pinakothek around 1900 - Source picture: Wikipedia

During World War I the building was seriously damaged by bombing.
In the late 1950's it was restored and back opened for public.

I visited the museum in 2014 during a holiday in Munich and its architecture
really fascinates me a lot. There also is a huge collection of Early Italian,
Old German, Old Dutch and even Flemish paintings. More than 800 of these
are shown in the Alte Pinakothek. It is really worth a visit!

Alte Pinakothek Munich Bavaria Germany Travel
Me with a lion near the Alte Pinakothek in Munich

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