1815-2015 - All about Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo

June 18th. 1815 ... The Battle of Waterloo took place.
200 years later there are a lot of events to remember this historical battle.
If you are interested, check the site Waterloo 2015 on next link.

Napoleon Bonaparte statue
Napoleon Statue - Own picture

Nowadays Waterloo is located in my country: Belgium.
As a child I was very fascinated by Napoleon Bonaparte,
despite the fact that I hate violence, rude words and wars. 

Nevertheless I want to talk about Napoleon Bonaparte on this blog
during this important remembrance year.

Indeed, Napoleon is worldwide a symbol of military genius and political
power, although he lost the Battle of Waterloo.

For historians he was a complex and a very important person.
Since his death, many things were named after him. He also has been
portrayed in a lot of films and he is even discussed in many books or

Napoleon Bonaparte statue
Napoleon - Own picture

Napoleon Bonaparte has a lot of big and smaller statues. For this
blogpost I chose pictures of typical small statues. Mostly he is
portrayed as a men wearing a large hat with one hand in his coat.

So, If you like to know more facts about Napoleon, his Grand Armée and
the Battle of Waterloo, check this blog regularly during next weeks/months.

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